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Wheel alignments are necessary for your safety, as well as the tire life and fuel efficiency of your car. Your vehicle is not safe to drive if your wheels are not aligned. Get adjustments made or components replaced to restore the optimum handling of your vehicle by scheduling a wheel alignment at our Vaughan location. Ball joints, tie rods, steering arms, bushings, and other suspension parts all wear out through use over the course of time, and springs will lose buoyancy with age and increased mileage.

There may be an issue with your vehicle’s alignment if your car pulls more to the left or right when you are driving straight; if your tires are worn or have an uneven tread; if your steering wheel is not lined up properly; or if you hit a pothole or curb at rapid speed. All of these will affect wheel alignment. Our Woodbridge repair shop is your best bet for correcting these issues and heading on your way!

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Regular wear-and-tear along with road conditions like potholes can add up and take a toll on your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems, which can lead to disrupted alignment and the issues that go along with it—like tire wear, steering, and suspension issues. Our pro team offers a free pre-inspection prior to wheel alignment as well.

We will let you know if your tires, bolts, or other suspension parts may be damaged prior to conducting a wheel alignment. At our auto service in Vaughan, your safety is always our #1 priority. We are proud to use the state-of-the-art Hunter Alignment and Snap-on’s John Bean 3D imaging laser systems at our top shop. Our equipment ensures that your vehicle is restored to its default manufacturer specifications for your optimal safety.

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